Wednesday, April 28

Who's in charge?

West Ham have had a £4 million bid for West Brom's Graham Dorrans rejected. Seems like it's Sullivan doing the bidding, which is a bizarre situation indeed, particularly as defenders are our priority.

The Machiavellian view is that the Club Landlord appears to be doing his best to get Zola to resign. He's told the Telegraph today: "Zola has repeatedly said he's a coach and doesn't want to be involved in the selection of players for the club. I'm sure he'd accept the departure of any player if we brought in a better one."

Sullivan also said of Zola: "No decision has been made. He did indicate he might resign at end of the season."

Although today's Guardian claims that Zola wants to negotiate a dignified pay-off reflecting the £1.9 million value of his contract.

Meanwhile a new manager might have a set of players purchased by his joint-chairmen — who do at least have a proven record in spotting a pair up front. It's hard to see Sir Alex Ferguson accepting that. And it's no way to run a football club.

The Management should get the new man in, promise not to interfere, and let him sign his own men.

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