Tuesday, May 11

Capello's Squad

Good news that Green, Scotty Parker and Upson are in Capello's 30-man squad, but Carlton is out.

Cole would surely have made it on his form in the first half of the season, but ever since the Burnley game he's been playing while injured and not able to sprint at full pace.

Whoever is spin doctor at West Ham is clearly doing a good job. Sacking Franco on the day the England squad is announced and we might get a new government is surely a case of burying bad news...


North Bank Norman said...

Spin Doctor Who?

Wait, you're making excuses for crappy can't be bothered Cole, EPMA (England Player My Arse)? Whatever next? Maybe Jonathan Spector was on his period for the past three months?

Sounds like you're West Ham's spin doctor today, Pete!

Pete May said...

Carlton scored a cracking goal against Spurs and was showing real pace and, yes, even good control, early on in the season. So he did look better than Emile Heskey then, which admittedly isn't saying too much. And he did well against Holland for England too.

Yes, after the Burnley game he reverted to Dowie-sque lack of control and no pace but he was clearly injured, so I agree it was obvious Capello couldn't take him.

But as a matter of principle I'm in favour of as many WHU players in the England squad as possible as we have to have at least three Irons in the side to win the World Cup.

It's also a shame Capello didn't try to entice Billy Bonds and Alvin Martin out of retirement along with Ledley King and Jamie Carragher.

Matt said...

Carlton never recovered from his knee injury, so from a selfish WHU point of view it is better he stays home and works on his fitness for the pre-season. Everyone who watches West Home will know his form before the injury was England class, a view obviously shared by Capello. His loss is Heskey's gain....