Friday, September 12

XL is an ex-sponsor

West Ham's sponsor XL has gone into administration (in fact we have the anti-Midas touch, on our pre-season US tour the airline went bust too).

We understand that XL's plan to have all West Ham fans wearing XL shirts backfired disastrously when Dean Ashton stopped ordering pizzas from Domino's on the advice of nutritionist Dr Capello.

The credit crunch has also affected the WHU fan base and reduced waistlines, with Ken's Cafe reporting a significant decline in gross domestic product thanks to fewer full-fried breakfasts being served to the increasingly svelte literati types dining out on the vinyl tables and demanding frites lightly drizzled with ketchup.

Belly Busters burger bar also reports a decline in the so-called jelly belly ripple effect among fans in nylon replica shirts. Even celebrity fan Phill Jupitus is said to suffering from deflation.

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