Tuesday, September 2

Get back to where you once belonged

“They’re doing what? They’re selling McCartney! Why?” My agent David Luxton (that’s literary not footie) might have just told me that Abu Dhabi billionaires have bought Man City and they’ve bid £34 million for Berbatov on deadline day and plan to capture Robinho changing forever the face of English football, but all that registers in my cranium is that George McCartney has travelled across the universe to Sunderland. May all the cloggings of Repka be unleashed on whoever is responsible.

It could be argued it’s more important to keep McCartney than Ashton or Ferdinand, as we only have one left back at the club. Now we have none. Was he sold over Curbs’ head? To lose Konchesky was unfortunate but to lose Konchesky and McCartney and miss out on Shorey looks like carelessness. Now it seems that McCartney’s wife was homesick. Surely we could have done a deal where we’d let him go in January once we signed a replacement? And I thought he’d divorced Heather anyway. Or is it a cover for an enforced fire sale? Playing half a season without a left back is madness. It all reminds me of Labour in the 1990s. Perhaps we've abandoned all concepts of anything leftish, and will now be playing a Right Back and a New Right Back in the slightly the other side of right position.

And what of my McCartney puns? No more McCartney to give us wings. Should we just let it be? Never again will I be able to fantasise about a suspended McCartney going AWOL and inspiring a headline of “Banned – on the run”. No doubt in January he’ll be replaced by Norwegian wood.


matt said...

Surely the obvious Macca pun is...HELP!

matt said...

This just in, WHU anonunce signings of Italian international forward David Di Michele and Congoles left back Herita Ilunga, both on loan, while discussions continue with Stephen Appiah, who is a free agent. So maybe the board are not the mugs we thought....Di Michele should certainly fit in, according to his Wikipedia profile:

In March 2007, Di Michele was accused and found guilty of illegal betting and received a three month ban from Serie A. He also received a $27,000 fine.

Matty Etherington will welcome him, but it's a shame Teddy Sheringham and Roy Carroll have moved on.

Pete May said...

"The club recognise the lateness of this announcement but certain formalities including the release of the international transfer certificates had to be completed."
So they signed them on loan but forgot to tell anyone until the day after deadline day just to torture us with the image of Luis Boa Morte as emergency left back? Typical...