Wednesday, September 28

Team bonding West Ham style

Meanwhile the Daily Mail and the Sun have reports of a West Ham team bonding session on Monday night. First the lads went to Signor Sassi restaurant in Knightsbridge for a 'quiet dinner'. Shame they didn't invite Hayden Foxe and Frank McAvennie too as they know a bit about bonding sessions… Some interesting gear too. In the pictures James Collins looks like the Lord of Stratford Manor with his ginger beard, tweed jacket and flat cap, while Andy Carroll is wearing white trousers that might be Albert Steptoe's long Johns. Some of the lads then went on to the Cirque le Soir nightclub and at it seems made quite a night of it as the Sun prints a picture of Andy Carroll and Aaron Cresswell getting some sports nutrition at McDonald's at 7am. 

Normally you'd say they should have been in bed early with a hot water bottle. But these are desperate times and if having a few Sherbets and a McDonald's is what it takes to unite the team then perhaps that's a good thing. Part of the problem seems to be that we have recruited a lot of players from around the world who all speak different languages and hardly know each other and we didn't look like a team who would fight for each other on Sunday. A big night out might at least improve the banter and give us something that smells like team spirit.

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