Thursday, September 22

Sir Trev at the Newham Bookshop

One for your your diaries… Sir Trevor Brooking will be signing copies of Andy Hooper and Lee Clayton's Farewell to Upton Park (Trev wrote the foreward) at the Newham Bookshop in Barking Road, E13, before the Southampton game on Sunday at 12.30pm. Though we'd best all avert our eyes walking past the bombed out Boleyn Ground… personally I'd much rather it was demolished in private with some dignity rather than blown up for a movie.


Shane Barber said...

I have to disagree, Pete. Rather than the ignominy of creaking bulldozers, ugly pincer cranes and pendulous wrecking balls ponderously smashing it up, I want to see massive explosions, plumes of smoke, proper bangs that set off earthquake monitors and make people call the police to ask what's happening, with an ex-James Bond running around and huge spurts of flame.

Go out with a bang, not a whimper!

Pete May said...

What about going out with a Wimpy? I know it's got to go - just hope it's a decent movie.