Sunday, September 25

Hammers versus hipsters: Crate expectations

Friday's Evening Standard has another report on the Hammers versus Hipsters fixture at Hackney Wick. Canalside bar Crate has been handing out flyers saying that people wearing "football merchandise" will only be served before the game and that chanting is banned. I can see that fans jumping in the canal at the Bournemouth game is going too far, but in the colder weather that's unlikely to happen, at least as long as we don't lose to Southampton. Surely Crate needs to accept that it's on to a nice little earner with football fans and might have to be a little less family friendly on match days. The beer's excellent  so my policy will be to do up my jacket to conceal my West Ham shirt, arrive on a paddle board and start growing a beard. And as an alternative the nearby Howling Hops Tank bar also does very good ale and seems slightly more accepting of fans.

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Shane Barber said...

Why do I get the feeling they may get a huge visitation after a game of people who are wearing shirts and insist on singing?