Friday, September 12

Is that all you drink at home?

The £305 fine for Jordan Dunn, the West Ham fan who ran on to the pitch against Spurs and bent a free kick like Beckham has made plenty of headlines. I'd agree with David Gold that WHU fans shouldn't be paying his fine thought crowdfunding as we don't want to encourage pitch invasions, even if Jordan can take a better free kick wearing red Converse trainers than Spurs' Eriksen. But what we can do is give him some advice on pre-match drinking. The court case revealed that Dunn, from Dover, had drunk six pints before the game. I suspect he'd been at the gassy lager which can lead to hyperactivity. What this fan would recommend to Jordan is drinking some real ale in the Black Lion before games, a smoother drink which would lead to a much more mellow feeling and cause him to fall asleep in the East Stand with the rest of us.

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