Wednesday, September 24

Ground sharing with a Small Team From Arsenal?

Spurs might soon be homeless for a season, but Karren Brady has ruled out ground sharing with the Totts. "No-one has asked us for our permission and if they did we would probably say no, depending on who it is - if you get my drift. We are the anchor tenant for the winter matches and nothing else can happen in that time without our permission," she says. Mind you, I'd be quite happy to ground share with Tottenham on certain conditions such as: 

1. They pay us £50 million a game

2. They wear a red and white kit 

3. They have to be billed as A Small Team From Arsenal

4. They are only allowed to serve lasagne as refreshment.


Anonymous said...

Arsena* is in woolwich you clown. There is only a tube station called arsena*. If we want to take your ground we come and take it as per usual. Village idiot!

mj said...

Very erudite. As Ms Brady says, we don't want any " no fixed abodes" and were not having them.

Pete May said...

Agree MJ, Spurs will have to stick to selling the Big Issue on Tottenham High Road… Barnet FC might be suitable as their new ground though rr maybe Stevenage…