Friday, November 22

Could the Doctor play up front for West Ham?

Well, it's starting to look bad for WHU now Winston Reid is out for ten weeks following his ankle operation. Looks like James Collins might recover for tomorrow's game with Chelsea, but Joey O'Brien has picked up a knock with Ireland (probably tried to save Roy Keane a prawn sandwich) and Rat had to go off after 25 minutes of Romania's match.

At least Carlton Cole scored in the 2-2 draw with Millwall behind closed doors (strange decision that, can't think why they didn't invite the fans) so it's surely time to give him a full game. He's not so much Plan B as Plan F, but it just needs one header or knock-on to come off and give us an option we don't currently have.

Meanwhile I'm going to have to watch the game on Sky as my kids are insisting we watch the 50th anniversary edition of Doctor Who live and in Gallifrey. Come to think of it, Matt Smith scored quite a few goals when he played for Craig's Sunday League team in a story called The Lodger, so perhaps the Doctor could do a job for us. That is if he doesn't trip over the Tardis console and damage his heel, ruling himself out for the next 900 years. Irons!

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