Thursday, November 28

Always believe in Joey Cole…

Following press reports that Joe Cole felt humiliated after being subbed against Chelsea after 40 minutes, the club has been quick to put up an interview with Cole on the website. A lot seems to have been read into the fact Joe removed his shirt as he went straight down the tunnel, but he's not the first player to get stroppy when subbed. "I was as frustrated as anyone on Saturday…" admits Joey. "I'm happy at the Club and the only way I'll be leaving is if they tell me they don't want me anymore… The manager has been great to me since I came back and supported me while I was out with a couple of frustrating injuries." Assuming Cole wasn't marched into a holding room with Julian Dicks standing menacingly by the door, this seems a pretty clear statement that he's happy to stay. What he needs to do now is prove that he can go on a 20 or 30-game run without injury. If Joey plays then he can at least provide some much-needed creativity.

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