Saturday, November 9

Could David 'Psycho' Cross solve Hammers' striking crisis?

Bit of a "we're not worthy" moment. Yesterday I was mentioned in a tweet by David 'Psycho' Cross, centre forward in West Ham's 1980 FA Cup winning side. Having read the extract from my e-book Flying So High: West Ham's Cup Finals in Sabotage Times, David tweeted: 
"Just read @petemay3's article on the 1980 Cup Final. Clearly a huge Hammers fan. Great recollection and detail. #goodday"
Asked him if he still has his boots and he replied that given three weeks of intensive training he might be able to come back and solve the Hammers' striking crisis… And I'm sure, even at 62, he might be able to do a job for Big Sam and prove less brittle than some of our strikers…

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