Thursday, October 17

Ravel with a cause

Quite a week for Ravel Morrison. He's followed his goal against Spurs with a wonder chip in training for England Under-21s and then two more in the game against Lithuania, the second another stunner. So it's almost a relief that he's got in a bit of trouble too, having an argument with Wilfried Zaha when the Man United winger wanted to know why he wasn't passing to him. Norwich's Steve Redmond had to separate the pair after Ravel pushed Zaha. It's proof to his suitors that Morrison is not yet the finished item and hopefully the incident will give Ravel something to ponder too. Probably the worst thing that can happen for West Ham is if Roy Hodgson picks Morrison as a wildcard for the World Cup and he has a great tournament, alerting the world's biggest clubs. Hopefully Big Sam will insist to Roy that he's nowhere near ready for the World Cup… even if he really is.


Glenn said...

That's not very 'West Ham" is it? We wouldn't have won it in 66 with that attitude!

Pete May said...

True, although we had more chance of holding on to Moore Hurst and Peters then. Bit of a moral dilemma. Do we hope Ravel shines for England in Brazil and invite Real Madrid or Man City to come calling?