Tuesday, October 8

Ravel time

Every paper seems to have an article on Ravel Morrison today. The Daily Telegraph has a nice story from Lee Clark, who at Birmingham told Ravel he could be the best player since Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne. Morrison looked dumbfounded as he had no idea who Gazza was. Since he left Manchester at least most of his problems appear to have been about timekeeping rather than police-related, and after his spell at Birmingham, Ravel appears to have properly matured. Now Big Sam, Nolan and the rest have to keep him grounded - and away from Essex nightclubs. But if he maintains this level of progress we'll soon be fending off offers from all over Europe. It's important we keep Ravel and have genuine hope moving into the Olympic Stadium in 2016.


Glenn said...

Did you hear Harry Redknapp on the radio this morning saying that west ham snubbed Bobby Moore when he packed up playing? Quite interesting really - especially as we are now 'Moore that a football club'

Pete May said...

Yes and saw the extract about how Moore was chucked out of his seat for not having a ticket. Very shoddy treatment... and any sort of role at the club for him would have attracted young players.