Monday, September 2

Ricardo Vaz Te: He leaves when he wants?

So Ricardo Vaz Te is frustrated at West Ham. We'll always remember his contribution in the Championship, but his statement rather glosses over the fact that he received plenty of chances last season. Vaz told the press: 

“I am frustrated at West Ham. Last season I was asked to change positions for the team, even though I had just scored 24 goals. I followed my instructions to the best of my ability as the club always comes first. Even though I was injured for three months, no other player made more assists than me and no other winger scored more goals than me. Despite this, it has been made obvious to myself that I am not in the manager’s plans. It is with a heavy heart that I submit a transfer request and look to join a club where my approach to the game will be appreciated.”

Three goals isn't that much to brag about and when not injured he played in most games last season, making 24 appearances. The signings of Downing, Jarvis and Cole seem to be the catalyst for this, though ironically, with Joe Cole out for six weeks he'd surely have had some opportunities coming up. There are some who suspect he is a Championship not a PL player, though I'll reserve judgement on that. 

His comments seem a bit of a hissy-fit after two games and he could certainly show a bit more respect to the club that saved his career. Big Sam suggests he's been "tapped-up" and Palace are said to be interested. BS doesn't like challenges to his authority, though has sensibly said if he doesn't leave the door is never closed. If Vaz Te's move doesn't come off today then he might have to embrace the old-fashioned concept of fighting for his place. 

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