Thursday, September 19

Dicks in My Rude Boy X1

A lot of tittering on Twitter over the fact that Rod Fanni was playing for Marseille last night. Can't think why, but here is my favourite Rude Boy X1:

David Seaman (Arsenal)
Rod Fanni (Marseille)
Julian Dicks (West Ham)
Neil Cox (Middlesbrough)
Danny Shittu (QPR)
Rafael Sheidt (Celtic)
Doudou (QPR)
Chiqui Arce (Paraguay)
Uve Fuchs (Middlesbrough)
Bernt Haaas (West Brom)
Stefan Kuntz (Germany)

Manager: Arthur Cox (Newcastle)
Stadium: Wankdorf Stadium, Bern.


matt said...

Can't think why either (but I note we were heavily linked with him before we signed Demel).

You've not given a name to your team, so how about Peru's finest, the Huancayo team whose cunning plan to give opponents altitude sickness by moving to the world's highest city, Cerro de Pasco, was sadly foiled. Step forward, Deportivo Wanka.

matt said...

Their nickname, naturally - Los Wankeros...

(I am not making any of this up)

Pete May said...

I'll be watching Los Wankeros on Saturday!