Monday, May 13

West Ham fail to poop Moyes' party

Everton 2 West Ham 0 

Well, we were never likely to get much out of the David Moyes love-in. West Ham dutifully stood by as Everton scored their first and only had two worthwhile efforts, Nolan producing a good save save with a snap shot and Carroll hitting the post late on from Jarvis's cross. Jussi had another great game and managed to save from Anichebe with his unmentionables.

Still makes a change to be finding the end of season vaguely boring. I remember people complaining that it was really boring under Curbishley because we were always tenth. We came to regret such complacency by the time that Millwall plane was flying above Wigan. Now it's just a relief to be out of it with an end of season party game against Reading to come.


R Tomlin said...

So it"s confirmed. West Ham fans want to move to the Stadio Olimpico. Indeed 85% of them. Well, 85% of the 12,000 who voted. According to the video, Geoff and Martin wanted it and most importantly Bobby wanted it (well he would have apparently). Only 5% were firmly against. I was one of the 85%. I hope I'm right.

Anonymous said...

Rubbish against Everton. I hope we bloody beat Reading. Might already be on holiday though?

Pete May said...

So do I Richard. Seems like a good idea, but you never know.... let's hope we can beat a relegated team today.