Thursday, May 23

My West Ham Animal XI: A right bunch of animals

OK, so inspired by the arrival of Razvan Rat here is my all-time West Ham Animal XI.

Bernard Lama
Hayden Foxe
Paul Heffer
Razvan Rat
Geoff Pike
George Cowie
Luis Boa Morte
Brian Dear
John Hartson
Demba Ba
Marlon Harewood

Neil Finn would be a substitute goalkeeper while we also had Darren Peacock on a loan although he never played, while Malcolm Pyke played under Ted Fenton in the 1950s. Goalkeepers seem particularly prone to animalistic names, as we also had Perry Suckling. Anyone I've missed out?


Pete May said...

My mate Matt suggests young Blair Turbott. And there's Razorfish Ruddock of course...

mokumhammer said...

Great Post!!

Pete May said...

Cheers Mokuhammer, inventing silly teams beats working...

Chrissy Brand said...

My dad says there used be a Tommy Yews (Ewes?) in the 1930s?

Thanks for another enjoyable season Pete- loved the "Hippo" book too-as did a friend I lent it to. Would make a great film.(I can see Jack Black and Cameron Diaz lining up for the leads at Upton Park)

Pete May said...

Thanks Chrissy and glad you enjoyed Hippo! Good casting suggestions... and Tommy Yews would make a fine addition to the Animal X1.