Monday, February 11

Where is Plan B?

One point from the last eight away games is relegation form. If it wasn't for our relatively good points return at Upton Park we'd be right down there by now. The problem is that every other club in the Premier League knows how West Ham play away from home. We'll try to stop the other team playing in the first half, keep the game scrappy and play five in midfield and one up front. Second half we'll maybe bring on another forward player and pump balls onto the box, often when a goal down, hoping Nolan gets a second ball chance off the big striker. We don't seem to have a Plan B or C. If we're losing anyway then why not try attacking teams from the kick-off for an element of surprise?

Not sure what game Big Sam was watching yesterday. Yes, we could have got a result with a bit more luck and we had most of the possession in the second half, but Guzan didn't make lots of "unbelievable saves", he made one excellent stop from Nolan in added time and dealt well with crosses. Carroll had one off the line but otherwise the keeper wasn't made to work as their big defenders dealt with our attacks comfortably. West Ham put in lots of crosses but if no-one gets on the end of them you don't win games. You get points for goals not stats.

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