Wednesday, February 20

Paolo di Canio?

Interesting news that Paolo Di Canio has resigned from Swindon Town, now top of Division One. He certainly inspires loyalty in his backroom team who are all going to resign with him. The caretaker for last night's win Frabrizio Piccareta declared: : "We leave the team top of the league in League One but it's the outcome of the fantastic job that Paolo Di Canio and the team and ourselves as technical staff have done in the last two years. We are here for Paolo Di Canio and we will follow him everywhere even if he coaches at Real Madrid or Luton Town."
Currently the board are right to postpone talks on any new contract with Sam Allardyce until our PL future is known. I've always maintained we should judge managers over a whole season. Big Sam produced the shock therapy West Ham needed and achieved promotion and if we stay up he's done his job. Can he advance us from there? The next 12 games should tell. Are the board eyeing up Di Canio (would he inevitably implode after some row with the owners?) or Redknapp, Martinez, Laudrup or even Curbishley? The summer promises to be an intriguing time on the managerial front.


Richard Tomlin said...

Perhaps negatively, I thought we would really struggle this year with a 50/50 chance of staying up. In fact, a couple of home wins and a few draws will see us safe. The injuries to Carroll and more importantly Diame have hurt us recently. I still think Sam should continue as manager (barring the drop) at least until we get into the new stadium. After that perhaps we should think bigger. I can't believe that Di Canio is the answer. With a limited budget, no manager will perform miracles. Give Sam more time.

Pete May said...

Yes, I think Di Canio would be entertaining for a time but it would inevitably end in some outburst or row... If Allardyce keeps us up then he's done a decent job and probably deserves a chance to see what he can do in a second season..