Wednesday, February 13

Literary Irons

So Frank Lampard has signed a deal for a series of children's books. He's not the only former or current Hammer to gain literary fame. Check out these books:

Great Expectations followed by Hard Times, both by Alan Dickens
Madam Bovary by Julien Faubert
The Woman in White by James Collins
Moll Flanders by Jermain Defoe
The Portrait of a Lady by David James
The Trial by Franz Carr
Girl With Green Eyes by Joey O'Brien
Treasure Island by Alan Stephenson
Vegetarian Home Cooking by George 'Linda' McCartney

And of course Thomas Hardy wrote a memorable tribute to our greatest side entitled Under the Greenwood Tree…


matt said...

You have forgotten the harrowing account of our last relegation and its effect on him - Robert Green's The Comedians, and A Burnt Out Case.

Not to mention J'Accuse by Gianfranco Zola.

But I thought David James wrote 50 Shades of Eddie Gray?

Pete May said...

I think James wrote 50 Shades of Grey, referring to Man United's famous away kit. Zola also penned The Debacle about his final season at West Ham. While Victor Hugo Porfirio based Les Miserables on playing up front with Iain Dowie.

Pete May said...

Robert Green also wrote The Third Man about his time on the QPR bench and The Quiet American about John Harkes,

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