Sunday, September 30

For Faulks' sake...

It's obvious that West Ham should appear in any state of the nation novel… Just started reading Sebastion Faulks' A Week In December, set in 2007. On page one, no less, he writes:

"At nearby Upton Park the supporters were leaving the ground after a home defeat; and only a few streets away from the Boleyn Ground, with its East End mixture of sentimentality and grievance, a solitary woman paid respect to her grandfather— come from Lithuania some eighty years ago — as she stood by his grave in the overflowing cemetery of East Ham synagogue."

Faulks is a West Ham fan so knows all about West Ham home defeats, of course. I seem to recall that Martin Amis mentions West Ham in London Fields too. There's probably an MA to be had somewhere studying the influence of West Ham United on contemporary literature.

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