Tuesday, August 23

Sunday bloody Sunday

West Ham 2 Leeds United 2

We've conceded another stoppage-time goal, this time to U2's bass player Adam Clayton. Big Sam has spotted our fear of playing at Upton Park and that's three points thrown away though late goals. Maybe Bono could restore some self-belief. Or perhaps Amdy Faye should be employed late on to boost the defence?

Couldn't get to see the game vacationing in the Solomon Islands but overall, it's not a bad start to the season and we're unbeaten for three games. At least we've played reasonably well in all four games and Allardyce is surely the man to instill some professionalism into our defence late on.

We seem to be playing good football too, which allays the long ball fears. Another goal for Cole and an assist from Faubert are signs suggesting some of our underperformers of last season are playing for their futures at last.

Like Adam Clayton, Big Sam Still Hasn't Found What He's Looking For. But you hope we'll eventually find some Elevation at the back and Pride (In the Name of Love). But in stoppage time it seems we're suffering from Vertigo and currently Stuck In A Moment We Can't Get Out Of.

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