Wednesday, August 31

Forest felled

Notts Forest 1 West Ham 4

What a great weekend. Spurs lose 5-1 at home, Arsenal are hammered 8-2 by United and we win 4-1 away. "Watched" the first half late at night from a Sydney hotel room via's live updates and went to bed pretty confident at 3-0 up. And this time even we couldn't blow it.

Now back in Blighty and able to see the goals. Incredibly, we're now lethal at set pieces. We've finally found a use for Faubert - winning corners from his deflected shots. Credit to Tomkins for heading the ball back into the box for Nolan's second and Winston Reid for finding Cole's bonce for the third. While Taylor made the first own goal with a fine cross and set the fourth up for Reid.

Admittedly Green had to make two fine saves and Forest were woeful at the back but three away wins in three is something we haven't achieved since prehistory. What was also encouraging from the highlights was that Carlton Cole was chasing lost causes, setting up Faubert and Nolan for chances they should have buried.

And what has Allardyce done to inspire Winston Reid? As a former ugly centre back Big Sam's definitely helped Reid with his game and perhaps the fact that Allardyce worked with fellow Kiwi Ryan Nelson at Blackburn is a promising sign too.

A great win. Shame we'll be bypassing Arsenal next season though...


Phil Nichols said...

I think all in all, August has been a pretty good month. Tomkins has been magnificent and the rest have all been pretty solid. Nolan, Taylor & O'Brien look good buys. Reid looks a different player & Green showed his class at Forest. The only weak link is Illunga and sadlyy I cant see Sears cutting it. At least Allardyce looks like he gives a damn, which after last season seems like a breath of fresh air..

Pete May said...

Very true, Phil, and Ilunga looks to have been replaced by McCartney. Agree that Freddie is too lightweight as well.

Allardyce has started with some purpose and Premiership-class players want to play for him. And as for WHU scoring from set pieces - when did that ever happen before?