Wednesday, August 17

Four-nil to the Cockney Boys!

Watford 0 West Ham 4

When did the words "rampant Hammers" last appear on BBC Sport? Come to that when did the words "controlled" and "disciplined" last appear in a Hammers match report?

It's the first time we've won successive away games since December 2007. A fantastic win and Big Sam reckons the side played to the maximum of their ability.

Good to see Tomka and Joey O'Brien score, and Cole get a start and a goal. While Parker scored a fitting fourth, hopefully not his last for the club.

Allardyce is looking like a proper manager who has reinvigorated the likes of Reid. Maybe we're coming to terms with this division.

Meanwhile I'm still marooned in the South Pacific but now I'm looking forward to rather than dreading returning to Upton Park in September.

Sir Elton John, we gave your boys one hell of a rocket, man!


Steve Rapport said...

Forth? Really?

Oh, and what's with your love affair with CFC? He is utter cack. Listened to the game on the radio today, and he was utter cack. He's always been utter cack. He will always be utter cack. Oh, and happy belated birthday!


Pete May said...

I think CC can do a job in the Championship if motivated/bullied by Big Sam. Though I agree he underperformed terribly last season (was he ever fully fit?) and that Green and Parker are much more important players to try to keep.

I'm also tempted to mention WHU legends Mitchell Thomas and Trevor Morley at this point just to imagine the reaction in SF...

Ta for birthday greetings. I am now possibly too old to play for even WHU.