Friday, February 25

You're not single anymore!

I can only assume my mate Nick is in love. Why else would he be getting married on the afternoon of West Ham v Man United at 2pm? And he's a United fan too...

It's amazing the number of people who organise events with no consultation of West Ham's fixtures. The two games I've missed so far this season have been Newcastle at home for my brother-in-law's birthday (he got married on Cup Final day in 2004 and wondered why that was the only weekend the church was free) and Man City at home for my wedding anniversary. (Yes, I too got married in the football season, but ensured West Ham were away at Blackburn in 2005, forgetting that our anniversary might then coincide with a home game. Doh!)

And I can still recall missing West Ham v Southampton for Bob and Jane's wedding when we lost 4-2 under Harry while chasing a European spot some ten years ago. Not that I'm bitter.

Never mind AV. Shouldn't there be a referendum on forbidding weddings during the football season?

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Pete May said...

Bob comments via email:

Glad you remember our wedding with such enthusiasm! Still, you've a
clearer recall of what day it was than I have.