Wednesday, February 2

What a waste of money!

Tonight's Standard reveals that there's no place in our squad for Benni McCarthy and Herita Ilunga. Sad for Ilunga who is a good player when fit - only after two years of problems is he ever going to be the same player again?.

As for Benni, we've paid £2.5 million and 40k a week for three years for our 27th most useful player. Big Sam Allardyce must be laughing at that one.


DS said...

As a South African and a hammer i would just like to sincerely apologise for Belly McCarthy. We are not all greedy tubs of goo here.

matt said...

That explains why Herita was playing for the reserves last night - considering his form of a coupel of years ago, it is a real shame. I believe players can go on loan to lower league clubs at some point, and presumably that will ahppen with these two...
Here's the full list, along with whether they cound as home grown, which makes them sound like a bunch of plants...Stanislas, Sears, Tomkins, Stech, Nouble and Edgar all count as 21 and under.

West Ham United - 25 squad players
Player Home Grown
1 Green, Robert Paul Yes
2 Gabbidon, Daniel Leon Yes
3 Spector, Jonathan Michael Paul Yes
4 Parker, Scott Matthew Yes
5 Cole, Carlton Yes
6 Dyer, Kieron Courtney Yes
7 Noble, Mark James Yes
8 Upson, Matthew James Yes
9 Barrera Acosta, Pablo Edson No
10 O'Neil, Gary Paul Yes
11 Bridge, Wayne Michael Yes
12 Da Costa, Manuel Trindade No
13 Faubert, Julien No
14 Hitzlsperger, Thomas No
15 Collison, Jack David Yes
16 Kovac, Radoslav No
17 Keane, Robert David Yes
18 Piquionne, Frederic No
19 Reid, Winston Wiremu No
20 Boa Morte Pereira, Luis No
21 Obinna, Victor Nsofor No
22 Jacobsen, Lars Christian No
23 Boffin, Ruud No
24 Hines, Zavon Yes
25 Ba, Demba No

Pete May said...

You have to be a mathematician to work out squads these days. Presumably we can use unlimited home-grown plants, I mean players.

Benni was a good player a few years ago - wouldn't have minded him then. But what a sad decline.

matt said...

Yes we can select from an unlimited amount of young plants, including young Potts, (although we can still only have 11 players on the pitch at a time) - still perhaps after last night we are seeing the green shoots of recovery, so let 1,000 flowers bloom