Tuesday, February 8

Grant cashes in his chips

Hours after announcing to reporters that his birthday was "cancelled" Avram Grant was pictured leaving the Colony Club Casino in Mayfair at 3am on Saturday night. Several papers have had some fun with this story. If he had decided to celebrate presumably he'd have been out all night. And we can see where those bags under the eyes come from now…

Grant is following in a long line of West Ham stars who like a gamble, such as Harry Redknapp, Teddy Sheringham and Matthew Etherington. And we are sponsored by SBO-BET.

Just hope he hasn't put too big a wager on us staying up.

Meanwhile the Sun printed allegations that Julien Faubert refused to be an emergency substitute against Brum as he'd left the ground and refused to return. Although Faubert says he had permission to visit his sick son in hospital. Whatever, the result was we only had six subs on Sunday.

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