Wednesday, March 3

The horror, the horror

Our horror accounts are out and we recorded a loss of £16 million in 2009-10. They also lay bare many disasters. The Mail highlighted “£12 million on two men for 15 games” (that was Davenport and Quashie) while the Independent’s “horror accounts” highlighted the £34 million that Dyer and Ljungberg cost us over the length of their contracts.
What’s striking is how it could all have been avoided. We’ve wasted:

£34 on Ljungberg and Dyer

£12 million on Quashie and Davenport

£5.8 on giving Dean Ashton a five-year contract when he was crocked

£21 million to Sheffield United for Tevez-gate

£5 million fine for Tevezgate.

£10 million (by my estimate) on transfer fee and wages for Luis Boa Morte (no-one seems to have spotted this).

£2.5 million for sacking Curbs

£1.5 million (my estimate) to pay off Pards.

That's more than £100 million! And all this when we had the brilliant Tony Carr producing a never-ending stream of fine young players on low wages such as Noble, Ferdinand, Stanislas, Collison, Tomkins, etc. Even free transfer Nobby Solano achieved much more than Dyer and Ljungberg. A fine example of how not to run a football club.

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