Friday, March 19

Life after debt

Whatever the merits of the individual departures, at least the new owners appear to be taking control of the financial mayhem and acting decisively.

In the last month Davenport has gone, along with Scott Duxbury, Gianluca Nani and Ludek Miklosko, while Luis Jiminez was returned to Milan.

According to the Guardian the lads are a little upset that Sullivan is withholding image rights payments until the tax situation is sorted out with the Inland Revenue, which seems fair enough from the club's viewpoint.

And Kevin Mitchell is going to box at Upton Park which will at least bring in a bit of extra revenue from Peggy Mitchell on the bar, Frank Butcher running the car park and Phil Mitchell taking on Grant in the bare-knuckle fighting. While you're about it Dave, could we have Mickey Rourke as Randy The Ram verses Julian The Terminator Dicks on a WWF-style bill too please?

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