Thursday, March 25

We're so s**t it's unbelievable! (says the chairman)

Maybe David Sullivan was in the Central with us on Tuesday night. He's labelled the performance as "pathetic" in a letter to season ticket holders, and you have to respect him for telling it as it is. Although of course it breaks football's quasi-masonic rule of never slagging off the players in public.

He's also quoted in the Guardian today saying that he couldn't believe we sold Collins and bought Diamanti, which will presumably have Diamanti's agent banging on his door.

Zola won't like it but let's hope it works for Saturday. The start of Sullivan's letter reads:

"I had no sleep last night, having watched the shambolic performance by the team against Wolves. I was as angry and upset as every supporter in the stadium at the disorganised way we played, allowing Wolves too much space so that they looked more like Manchester United. This was the culmination of five defeats in a row, including an appalling performance against Bolton.

"We have a few very talented players in our team, but it is a very unbalanced squad. Individually we have some very good players, but this is not being converted into a good team performance. Nobody at the club should delude themselves that we are a good team. The table at this stage of the season does not lie.

"However, with some of the outstanding players we have, we can and must do better as a team. I apologise to every supporter for the pathetic showing on Tuesday night but I fully expect a dramatic improvement today as we have so much individual talent."

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