Friday, September 25

Where's our money gone?

Today's Standard claims that Scott Duxbury and Gianluca Nani paid some of the dosh owed to Franco's agent out of their own salaries, so bad is the financial situation at West Ham. In which case put me down for a tenner towards our next signing… I'll gladly sacrifice a couple of meals at Ken's Cafe for the cause.

You have to admire Nani and Duxbury's commitment, although the fact we're so skint is hugely worrying and suggests Upson, Cole and Green may be sold in the next window unless we find a buyer.

Oh for a fit and proper person... or even an unfit and improper person with some dosh.

Or failing that the nationalisation of a much-loved but ailing institution might just save the election for Gordon Brown. He could even promise to curb the players' win bonuses safe in the knowledge that we never have to pay them anyway.

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