Thursday, September 3

There you go Savio

So we've exchanged Savio Nserako for Portugeezer defender Manuel Da Costa from Fiorentina plus £3 million. If Da Costa is any good it might prove decent business as we get 50 per cent of any sell-on fee on Savio. Da Costa has Champions League experience with PSV and thankfully lots of comic possibilities if it all goes wrong with a name like Manuel (West Ham's Fawlty Towers at the back anyone?).

But basically it seems we wasted £5 million of the Bellamy money on Savio, despite all the spin about giving him Di Canio's number 10 shirt. He's had problems settling which seems to mean he was homesick. For all Nani's vaunted skills in the market, he should perhaps have predicted that a Ugandan-born kid raised in Germany then playing in Italy might find it a little difficult to adapt to Chadwell Heath, Ken's Cafe and the Congestion Charge. Maybe we should re-employ Jermain Defoe to show our new signings how to meet Danielle Lloyd and Chantelle Houghton in Faces?

Savio had potential, as we saw with his swerving shot that made Collison's goal against Man City, but what we should have done is spend the money on a proven Premier League striker last January and that way we might have made the Europa League.

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