Friday, October 10

Where's our money gone?

Well, nothing much ever happens during the international breaks. Apart from global financial disaster and the collapse of Landsbanki resulting in “Meltdown: Hammers on brink as crunch hits football” (the Sun) and “Hammers crunched by credit crisis” (the Daily Mail). The Telegraph even suggested we might have to sell Nigel Quashie as part of the enforced fire-sale.

And the Sun claiming that we allowed an unregistered doctor to treat our players, which will probably result in another £30million claim against us, along with the £700,000 that Bolton now want and the £323 million that Arsenal are thinking of claiming on the grounds that “Carlos Tevez looked at Arsene Wenger in a funny manner”.

Oh, and the UK is now at war with Ireland. The government has frozen the assets of Icelandic companies in Britain under the Anti-Terrorism and Crime and Security Act. This may or may not include West Ham, depending on whether a loose shot from Luis Boa Morte could be deemed a direct threat to the House of Commons.

Still, it does raise the interesting prospect of West Ham being nationalised. The idea of West Ham— funded by state money and with supporters buying shares in the club as at Barcelona and Real Madrid — taking the Premiership road to international socialism is intriguing. Soon the Irons will be smashing the bloated capitalists and lackeys of imperialism at Chelsea and Man United and Manchester City. Maybe every cloud does have a claret and blue lining. Fans of West Ham Unite, we have nothing to lose but Sheffield United's compensation claims.

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