Thursday, October 9

Air today, gone tomorrow?

The latest revelation from West Ham is that Craig Bellamy is sleeping in his own personal altitude tent to save his career.

You wonder if some of our more injury-prone players have their own personal life-support systems in their rooms.

Still, watching West Ham can be a bit like enduring altitude sickness. Eleven men finding it difficult to breath after 45 minutes and then having trouble making the most basic of decisions.

We’ve had many players who have scaled the heights of the Premiership only to succumb to exposure on the way down. In fact the famed death zone around Chadwell Heath is littered with the prostrate forms of those who were never seen again after starting their long descent — Nigel Quashie, Danny Gabbidon, Kieron Dyer, Dean Ashton, Lee Bowyer and Craig Bellamy. Still, it was the way they would have wanted to go.

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