Wednesday, October 15

Diego the Hammer

After Diego Hilton comes Diego Tristan. Another ageing striker joins the Hammers on a free. Diego Tristan was nearly signed by Real Madrid once, and there are some great goals of his on Youtube, but as Matt the Stat says, the Wikidedia entry is a little worrying:

"In total Diego Tristán scored 87 goals in the shirt of Deportivo in 4 seasons. However there have been suggestions that Tristán doesn't live like a professional athlete and doesn't do all he's capable of to reach his best level. Eventually the club ran out of patience with him and he was released on 1 September 2006 along with team mate Lionel Scaloni."

He then rejoined Mallorca but was released 31st of January 2007 "due to a lack of fitness, form and goals."

So he should fit in!

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