Wednesday, April 1

The sad story of Jack Collison

Very good piece in Monday's Guardian on Jack Collision. Sadly he's now without a club having been released by Ipswich following yet more injury problems. The article by Jacob Steinberg really gets over the pain and frustration he's been through following a freak injury at Wigan. Jack looked like developing into a really strong goalscoring midfielder in 2008-09, starring in a 4-1 win at Portsmouth and getting the winner against Manchester City three days before his injury.

He showed tremendous bravery playing against Millwall two days after his dad died in a motor bike accident and helped West Ham get back to the Premier League with his two goals at Cardiff in the Play-Off Semi Final of 2012. But his career has cruelly been hampered by that knee injury. Jack reveals that he played in the Play-Off Final with a jab and "could hardly move." Let's hope he can make some sort of recovery and eventually get back to playing again. And if he doesn't he's now doing a degree in sports writing through the PFA. Best of luck for the future, Jack.

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