Tuesday, March 31

We're all going on a European tour?

Intriguing piece in the Daily Mirror suggesting that West Ham might sneak into the Europa League through the Fair Play League. Places are allocated to Europe's three fairest countries and that currently includes England, with West Ham the fairest team in the Premier League. Ron Greenwood would be proud of that and it is surely proof we're not a long-ball team. A Europa League place would mean the season starting on July 2, though at least it would mean no more pre-season friendlies at Stevenage. Mind you, judging by how playing in the Europa League has affected Newcastle and Everton in recent seasons, perhaps we should start kicking a few people.


Frankieboyhammer said...

One of the best starts we ever had was following our success in the inter 2 bob cup

Pete May said...

Good point, though we faded later in the season. I'd rather talk the chance and give it a go if we can get in through the back door.