Wednesday, March 4

Sullivan versus Allardyce Part 97

There was an extensive feature on the perceived tension between David Sullivan and Sam Allardyce in Saturday's Guardian. Not a lot of new information, just the quote from Sullivan claiming that he signed Sakho and another generic quote from Sullivan that, "they're not geniuses, managers." Though the comparison between Modibo Maiga and Sakho, both similar-priced players from the French League, is interesting. 

Perhaps there is a power struggle. But what the papers don't seem to consider is that both parties might actually be happy to wait until the end of the season to make a decision. With eight of the last nine games against the bottom ten a strong finish should still be attainable and BS is not short of self-belief. The board didn't judge Allardyce on half a season last time, when he could have gone after the 6-0 defeat at Man City, so it seems consistent to judge the season as a whole this time too. Click on the link to read the piece.


mj said...

Nolan played well I thought

Pete May said...

He did indeed! Maybe he just needed a rest. One of his best games for West Ham. Just when I'd written him off.