Thursday, January 8

Twitter ye not!

Some strange goings on with Dave Sullivan Junior's twitter account. Yesterday's Evening Standard reported on two hastily-deleted comments after the Everton game, reading: "How the f*** Nolan is playing above League 2 amazes me. Gives us all hope. Can we leave Nolan in Liverpool seriously." There was also a tweet reading, "Livid how Sam says Zarate isn't good enough to play for West Ham and Nolan is somehow." 

Sullivan Junior later apologised, tweeting: "I would like to apologise on behalf of my family and myself as I do not think I have represented them fairly by my tweets yesterday. I am also sorry to kevin nolan, who doesn't particularly deserve my comments. I hope everyone will forgive me and this sort of situation will not happen again. Thank you for your understanding COYI." 

Sounds like Dave Sulley has been eating too many post-Christmas chocolates and got a bit over-excited. Meanwhile big brother Jack Sullivan does better at following the WHU line, tweeting: "Anyone who read the Standard article 'Sullivan son in twitter rant' it was NOT me it was my brother! I could never be critical towards the club captain."

Just another day in the Sullivan household, though don't worry too much, @DaveSulley, you should hear what the Vicar's Son in the East Stand had to say to Maiga last year and when Whovian Mike gets started on Vaz Te… 

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