Thursday, January 29

The sad demise of Ravel Morrison

Ravel Morrison is in talks with Lazio and it looks like he'll be leaving WHU in the summer. After Sir Alex Ferguson decided he had to get Ravel out of Manchester it now seems the idea is to get him out of the country. Looked like he was becoming a real player after that superb goal at Spurs, but Big Sam gave up on him later in the season. Harry Redknapp coaxed some goals out of him at QPR, but revealingly he isn't interested in signing him now. While Cardiff's Russell Slade sent him back to West Ham after an unsuccessful loan period this season. There's been a dispute about fines this season and a court case (he was found not guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend) and Ravel has been relegated to training with the kids. On ability he should be starring in our side right now. Lazio really is his last chance.

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