Sunday, June 15

Behrami army

And now a fantastic tackle by Valon Behrami (with blonde mohican) saves a goal and then his run and the ref's good use of the advantage rule sets up a last minute winner for Switzerland against Ecuador. We knew he had a good engine from his time at Upton Park, but that was a bit special. Good few days for ex-Irons.


andy said...

Great bit of play by him I like most Hammers fans always look out for ex Hammers in tournaments like this.... well done Behrami proud to have had you at our club

Maybe if sam didn't get a nose bleed everytime our defenders get forward armero could have done the same for us as he done yesterday ...just a thought coyi... or ex irons

Pete May said...

I agree Andy, Armero looked ok going forward at WHU but was obviously going to take time to adapt to PL defending. Behrami never scored much for us, but always had a great work rate and with Parker, Noble and Collison we had a good misfield for a season or so.

Pete May said...
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