Tuesday, April 15

Go go Mo Diame?

Mo Diame seems to have a very inflated opinion of his self-worth. He's been quoted in several papers as saying: "Two years ago I wanted to join a team with ambitions. Overall, my season has been okay, although I think it is not up to last season. I started badly, but gradually I got my bearings. Liverpool? I can't tell you if I will be a Liverpool player next season. But I think my name is still on their wanted list. I don't hide it, I'm ambitious and I want to join a top-six side. I am 26 years old and it's time to take that step."

He might have been on Liverpool's radar on last season's form, but not on this campaign's. Sure, he's improved in recent weeks, but Diame's still only scored four goals and been kept out of the side by Matt Taylor for a long spell, so he's a long way from being signed by the possible champions. And I'm not sure that mouthing off about other teams wanting to sign you when under contract is a great way to impress Brendan Rodgers either. 

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