Sunday, April 6

Downing street?

There's been a lot written in the press about Andy Carroll playing against his former club Liverpool today, but it's a also a big day for his fellow ex-Red Stewart Downing. Downing was damned with faint praise in Alex Ferguson's My Autobiography, with Fergie saying,"He has a talent, but he isn't the quickest or the bravest." Downing had a typically frustrating time at Sunderland on Monday night, missing a chance to make it 3-0, and to me he looks the ultimate confidence player. There's no doubt he has skill, but he has yet to score for West Ham, so today would be a great time for him to get his first goal and go on a run of form.


Anonymous said...

What about Joe Cole he is ex-Liverpool as well.

Pete May said...

Yes, though I fear his legs have gone, which is a shame. Think he'll be released in the summer.