Friday, March 22

What's in a name?

There's now the issue of naming rights for the Olympic Stadium to be decided by West Ham and LLDC. Here's the list of possible contenders so far:

The Ann Summers Stadium

The Sugar Hut Stadium

The Wimpy Stadium

The Ken's Cafe Stadium

The Boris Bike Stadium

The Dr Martens Boot Wrapped Round The Head Stadium

The Terminator Stadium

The Mad Dog Stadium

Any other suggestions gratefully received…


matt said...

Forget the Stadium of Dreams, we could have the Stadium of (Gary) Breens.

Or, as our new home is much largern than we are used to, possibly the MidoArena?

matt said...

And given the comments from fans of other football clubs that you mention, our new theme song is abvious - the Rejects' The Greatest Cockney Ripoff.

Altogether now: "I had the last laugh, Up You All!"

Anonymous said...

The Other Boleyn Ground

Pete May said...

Nice Boleyn title, Anonymous. Matt, we could have the Field of Breens... Build it and they will come!