Thursday, March 28

The future for Orient

Interesting piece on the future of Leyton Orient in the Daily Telegraph by Luke Edwards. While Barry Hearn has won no friends in E13 with his constant carping and litigation about West Ham's move to the Olympic Stadium, it would be sad indeed if Leyton Orient were forced out of business through having West Ham on their doorstep. It would surely have been fairer if the LLDC or West Ham had offered some sort of compensation or contribution towards moving costs. The article suggests possibly selling Brisbane Road and returning to their old home of Clapton… Some TV money trickling down would help too. Let's hope an accommodation can be found that enables the Os to survive.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. It would be easy to forget that Orient are much more than Barry Hearn. Orient's position would have probably been much better negotiated by a more popular figure. I suspect that Orient will still survive because there are enough local fans who like supporting their local small club rather than the big Premiership clubs. Let's hope so.

Pete May said...

Yes, hopefully there will still be a hardcore of fans who like a small ground and intimate stadium... and maybe people who watch both sides on alternate weeks.