Saturday, March 9

Freddie Piquionne gone

Remember Freddie Piquionne? He's been loitering at the club while not in the squad all season, like an odd sock at the back of the drawer. Well, he's finally departed "by mutual consent" which presumably means the club made him an offer to tear up his lucrative contract. Strange, as he looked a decent player when he first joined us (remember his winner against Spurs?) but has never been the same since getting sent off at Everton for removing his shirt. Big Sam gave him several chances last season but apart from a very flukey goal at Coventry he looked way off the pace. Sadly he'll be best remembered for being nicked for fly-tipping in Essex while a Hammer.


Bottle said...

Bye bye, Freddie. Thanks for the winner against Spurs but you could've been so much better for the club than you were.

One small correction - he was actually sent of (second booking) for jumping into the crowd, not removing his shirt.

Pete May said...

Ah, good point Bottie. Knew it was for something stupid!