Wednesday, July 11

Oh Carroll

West Ham want to take Carroll on loan according to today's Daily Mirror. That's Andy the Liverpool striker, not Carol from Ken's Cafe, though she too could do a job intimidating the opposition. Apparently Sam Allardyce reckons that Kevin Nolan's close relationship with Carroll might make the player favour Upton Park. You wonder what Mrs Nolan might make of that, since when Carroll was having problems at Newcastle and lodged with Nolan, Carroll's Range Rover was torched in Kevin's driveway and graffiti left on his garage. Always thought Carroll was a good player at Newcastle, and he scored a great header for the Geordies at Upton Park, but he needs a decent supply of crosses. Can't really see him moving to Upton Park though.


RTomlin said...

If David Gold had been asked if he wanted to sign Lionel Messi if he became available, he probably would have replied yes but no talks have taken place. That"s the press for you. More importantly, our 1 - 1 draw at Boreham Wood sets us up nicely for Roots Hall at the weekend. City must be nervous.

Pete May said...

Good point. Gold never denies any rumours! Reminds me of the Van Nistelrooy rumours a year ago. Presumably the game was a case of Boreham Boreham West Ham...Southend look out.