Friday, July 27

£17m for Andy Carroll?

Not sure about this reported £17 million bid for Andy Carroll. Is it David Sullivan grandstanding in the knowledge Carroll won't ever go to E13? Initially the offer is for a season's loan and then a commitment to buy him for £17m the next season, which could backfire if he's not a success. As we already have Carlton Cole, a new £5 million striker in Maiga, Vaz Te, Maynard and Baldock do WHU really need another striker? The priority is surely a new centre back. Carroll is a great striker when motivated and had a brilliant half a season at Newcastle, but if it went wrong we'd be even more in debt than we are now. Can a Geordie lad cope with nights out in Essex? Given Carroll's refuelling tendencies it's a risk. On the positive side a fully-firing Carroll would virtually guarantee survival, if not a top half finish. But having invested heavily in Maiga at a much more prudent price I'd stick with him, Cole (who against Blackpool looked like he could still be a real threat) and Vaz Te. More importantly we need a quality centre back to compete with Tomkins and Reid.


Anonymous said...

If we've got that kind of money to throw around then we need to start making some serious offers on some defensive quality. Carroll would probably bang in plenty of goals but that's no good if we're conceding twice as many.

James Hunt said...

Pretty sure this is the Daves spinning a crock of shit, knowing he will never come & trying to make us look ambitious.

As you say, if we want to stand a chance of staying up we should be looking to strengthen our defence.

Pete May said...

I agree James and Anonynous - we had a great attack under Roeder but went down because we couldn't defend. Cole, Maiga and Vaz Te should have some goals in them without addition of Carroll.