Thursday, May 24

Please release me…

We've released Julien Faubert, John Carew, Abdoulaye Faye, Papa Bouba Diop, Frank Nouble and Ollie Lee. Although Gustave Faubert enjoyed his best form with us last season, he's never justified his £6 million fee and must be on very high wages, so it's an understandable decision. I'm a little disappointed to see Faye go. He was one of our best players last season, and only just behind Tomkins, Noble and Green in the player of the season stakes. True, he's 34, but could have provided cover for Reid and Tomkins for another season.

Diop did a sound job in away games too, but again at 34 is deemed too old for the Premier League. Carew had to go as he looked slower than me and you and ready for retirement, whole Nouble showed promise at Championship level, but probably isn't going to cut it in the PL Presumably these moves mean Big Sam is going to sign a couple of centre backs, a midfield enforcer and an alternative big man up front to deputise for Cole.

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